Eiffel Tower evacuated after bomb threat



French police cordoned off the Eiffel Tower following a bomb threat.

The famous landmark was evacuated on Wednesday night Australian time.



Police taped off the area following the threat, which was received about midday local time via an anonymous phone call.

Sirens could be heard near the tower, which had reopened recently after being closed for three months because of coronavirus lockdowns.



Tourism restrictions have meant there were far fewer people than usual at the attraction and panic was avoided.

French journalist Amaury Bucco said on Twitter: "Perimeter of Eiffel Tower cordoned off, police operation in progress.


"A man shouted Allahu Akbar and threatened to detonate a device."

Traffic was diverted around the tower while investigations continued.

Several hours later, the iconic tourist attraction reopened after no evidence of a bomb was found on-site.

The landmark was shut as police tried to find the bomb, with tourists cleared from the area for several hundred metres.

However, it was reopened when police were able to dismiss the threat as a hoax.

A tour guide told Reuters: "It was an orderly evacuation, there was no panic."



Originally published as Eiffel Tower evacuated after bomb threat