Christopher Pyne is here to help.
Christopher Pyne is here to help. Contributed

Education budget slashed but Christopher Pyne wants to help

DESPITE cutting government support for university students in last week's budget, Education minister Christopher Pyne said disadvantaged students should get extra help.

Mr Pyne, addressing the Higher Education Symposium on Thursday night, made the comment, after a week of student protests about the budget.

He said the "world's best higher education system", under the government's deregulation plans, would be "affordable", with no upfront costs, and costs would be shared "between students and taxpayers".

"Such a system would provide opportunities for students from all backgrounds to choose the course and type of higher education provider that is right for them," he said.

"The best higher education system would recognise that students from disadvantaged backgrounds need additional support to enrol in and complete higher education."

Changes to the system in the budget including slashing 20% of government support for study places, and providing an extra 80,000 students to get associate degrees and the like.