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Last year we brought you our inaugural series of Ipswich's 50 Most Influential people.

We gathered a panel of four well known and well connected local people engaged with a range of industries, from education to events.

From a list of almost 100 of Ipswich's most influential, they individually gave scores that resulted in that list being whittled down to our top 50.

REVEALED: 10-1 of Ipswich's Top 50 Most Influential people

REVEALED: 20-11 of Ipswich's Top 50 Most Influential list

REVEALED: 30-21 of Ipswich's Top 50 Most Influential list

REVEALED: 40-31 of Ipswich's Top 50 Most Influential list

REVEALED: 50-41 of Ipswich's Top 50 Most Influential list

As Queensland Times subscribers, we know that you are among our most engaged when it comes to what is happening in our city and who is driving that.

So we want to know who you think are our top influencers.

We would love you to participate in our poll to determine our top 20 most influential people according to you - QT subscribers.

Simply click through to our poll and click on each photo for a profile of that person.

All you have to do is cast your vote, we'll compile the votes and give you the list in the coming weeks.

Your candidates come from the Top 50 Most Influential list we published last year.

Remember, influence doesn't always mean positive.

While there maybe wonderful people out there who have not made on to this list, it doesn't not mean their work is not important and appreciated by the community. And likewise, there maybe people on this list whose work you don't necessarily agree is good for our city. But what you really need to think about is, like them or loathe them - do they have a real impact on what's happening in our city today?

As our subscribers, you'll be given exclusive access to the results - so make sure you vote today.

Editor, Shannon Newley