Queensland Times Unlimited: How it will work

Dear valued subscriber,

Things are about to change at The Queensland Times, and I wanted to give you advance notice.

Don't worry, you are in good company. Being a subscriber of The Queensland Times gives you access to plenty of exclusive material, and that is not going to change.

But from Thursday you will notice some things different about the digital experience and this letter is to give you advance warning of that, and confirm that the changes you see on the site will not impact your access.

We are about to launch The Queensland Times Unlimited, which means we are moving away from our metered digital subscription model, replacing it with a premium model, where some copy is subscriber-only, and some is unlocked and for any reader to see.

As a subscriber, nothing changes for you. You still get unlimited access to the best local journalism and investigations, but also the top writers on issues that matter around the country.

You will notice increasing use of a plus symbol next to certain articles. These are reserved for those who are subscribers. If you're already a subscriber, you won't be affected.

As a subscriber, you will also retain full access to the digital print editions of The Queensland Times, as well as our sister paper The Courier-Mail.

To best take advantage of your subscription, I urge you to download our app, and sign up for the latest breaking news as well as follow topics of interest to you.

Your digital subscription gives you unlimited access to stories across the News network, including on The Daily Telegraph, Herald-Sun and other News Corp sites.

I also want to urge readers to remember that their subscription, once you have activated your Courier-Mail part of it, gives you access to our SuperCoach footy tipping competitions.

Your subscription also gives you access to the free tickets, discounts and benefits, worth hundreds of dollars a year through News Corp's member-only +Rewards site, that you have always had.

Rewards includes free eBooks curated by HarperCollins and Harlequin, 12-month digital magazine subscriptions to magazine titles, ticket giveaways to major sporting matches and discounted tickets.

And the rewards are updated each month.

The change to the premium model will be a noticeable difference for non-subscribers.

We're doing it because it is the preferred model of our parent company, News Corp, and because serious journalism costs money. We believe local journalism is critical to the ongoing prosperity of our community.

It should lead to a more informed community, because those just using their handful of free stories a month (under the meter) are missing out on great local stories and information.

This company is committed to better serving communities. It's why you have probably seen a range of We're For You brand advertisements about News Corp in recent weeks.

To see how we touch readers through the day, and to enjoy a Beatles classic, have a look at this video about our sister title, The Courier-Mail. 

Again, thank you for being a valued subscriber to The Queensland Times.

Shannon Newley, Editor