QT Racing gets a makeover with Punters.com.au

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One thing that is new and is up and running now is our revamped Racing section.

The News Corp family has teamed up with Australia's #1 rated form guide, Punters.com.au.

The News Corp family has teamed up with Australia's #1 rated form guide, Punters.com.au.
The News Corp family has teamed up with Australia's #1 rated form guide, Punters.com.au. Contributed

We have always proudly produced comprehensive racing guides in our newspapers, now Punters is helping us bring you the best information online.

Our partnership with Punters.com.au means for the first time on our site you can check in on the odds of the next race of the day, and see the dividends from the last, as they are confirmed. The service is as good as any the punting firms are offering. You now also have direct access to all the tools and tips that make Punters the country's top racing guide.

For those hoping to make a bit of money from the nags, you're now able to compare the best offer from the gaming companies.

Click here to see our reinvigorated Racing section.

The service is also mobile friendly. So if you are yet to download our app, now is the time.

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