Pending election ‘behind beat-up'

MACKAY'S LNP candidate, John Kerslake, says the possibility of an early election is behind a "dirty beat-up" involving Facebook, a strip club manager and a liquor licensing official.

Mr Kerslake yesterday described messages he sent to Showbar 140's Jasmine Robson and liquor licensing official Richard Schauer as "unassuming", saying a report in a weekend newspaper had taken them out of context.

The messages have caused a political storm with Deputy Premier Andrew Fraser calling on the LNP to investigate whether Mr Kerslake is a suitable candidate for public office.

The LNP has thrown their support behind Mr Kerslake, a former police sergeant, who has accused Labor of re-hashing an old CMC complaint which alleged he gave Showbar 140 preferential treatment.

Mr Kerslake didn't deny sending a Facebook message to Ms Robson which stated he might check out her topless bar in Brisbane and another to Mr Schauer which said he would have a few things to say about a mutual friend if elected. However, he said those messages had been taken out of context.

"It's a couple of Facebook messages which have been completely taken out of context," he said.

"It's some of the worst dirty tricks played by Labor in a long time. They keep re-hashing an old (CMC) complaint.

"My Labor opposition might believe that they'll get mileage out of it."

Mr Kerslake said he believed possibility of an early election and Mackay becoming a marginal seat were behind the "dirty tricks".

"You could always have an election sprung early on the public," he said.

"November 26 and December 3 are real possibilities in my mind.

"(And) for the first time in a long time, Mackay may have the possibility of becoming a marginal seat."

While Mr Kerslake said there was nothing in the messages, Mr Fraser said they warranted investigation.

"(LNP Leader) Campbell Newman should step in and make sure this candidate is suitable for public office," he said.

LNP state director Michael O'Dwyer yesterday said Mr Fraser had, on multiple occasions, called for investigations into people over totally baseless issues in order to steer attention away from Labor's poor performance.

Ms Robson couldn't be reached for comment.