Eagle passion passed on to next generation

A FATHER and son rescue duo have spoken out about man-made dangers to threatened birds after healing and releasing an eagle last Tuesday.

Ziggy Webb, 19, helped his father release the "majestic orange" wedge-tailed eagle in Oatlands after it recovered for eight months from a powerline collision.

"Powerlines are the main killers of wedgies, so we're really happy that we released one," he said. "It's a great feeling of relief that you're helping this bird have another chance at life."

Ziggy has grown up at his father Craig Webb's Raptor Refuge and observed preventable bird injuries and deaths first-hand.

"I wish people understood what little things do really affect these birds," Ziggy said.

Raptor Refuge Founder Craig Webb said the iconic Tasmanian bird was in decline due to other "serious threats" like wind farms, trapping, poisoning and shooting.

Wedge-tailed eagle deaths dropped by 30 per cent to 19 incidents in 2018-19. That figure was an increase from the 11 eagle deaths in 2016.