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Duo's 'cowardly' revenge attack causes $7k facial injuries

A DISPUTE over a woman led Nicholas Clyde Smithson to help a mate viciously attack a man in a Rockhampton service station.

After a night of heavy drinking, Smithson agreed to act as "back up" for a mate hunting down the man he believed had slept with his girlfriend.

The pair found their victim in a service station, and CCTV footage played in the Rockhampton District Court yesterday showed the moment they pounced.

Smithson's mate was the aggressor, hitting the victim from behind in a surprise attack which caused extensive injuries to the man's jaw and teeth.

Although it was Smithson's co-accused who instigated the attack, the 34-year-old pleaded guilty to one count of grievous bodily harm for his role in the alcohol-fuelled fight.

Judge Michael Burnett condemned Smithson's "cowardly" role in the attack, where he pulled the victim to the ground as his co-accused threw punches.

"You stood around like a dingo watching someone else go in for the kill," Judge Burnett told Smithson.

The court heard Smithson went to the co-accused's home on March 16, 2016, after a night out drinking with friends.

Before Smithson arrived, his co-accused had an argument with the victim.

Smithson was convinced by his co-accused to join him in hunting down the man to dish out retribution.

Only one or two punches landed before service station staff pulled Smithson and his co-accused from the victim.

But this was enough time for a tooth to be knocked out and the man's jaw displaced and fractured requiring $7485 in medical treatment.

Defence barrister Scott Moon described Smithson's "brutal" childhood experiencing an abusive relationship.

He said Smithson accepted responsibility for the attack, and was "deeply remorseful".

Smithson's co-accused, Nicholas Raymond Trafford, is expected to plead guilty to a count of grievous bodily harm.

However sentencing was adjourned for two weeks to allow him to seek legal representation.

Smithson was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment, but released on immediate parole.