Campers have been fined for not moving on at Twin Bridges, Fernvale. Photo: File image
Campers have been fined for not moving on at Twin Bridges, Fernvale. Photo: File image

Duo forks out $2000+ for Twin Bridges camping trip

A WEEKEND away with a price tag in the high $2000s usually means a luxury hotel suite with room service and all the grandeur one could desire.

But when a couple of Somerset campers ignored police warnings to pack up their site and head home, they turned their outdoor adventure into a pricey mistake.

Since April 9, Lowood police have only issued three of the infamously expensive fines for breaching coronavirus Public Health Direction orders.

Despite conducting close to 20 compliance checks during the past 10 days, their focus was on education - and most offenders heeded police warnings.

But for a 41-year-old woman and 48-year-old man camping at Twin Bridges in Fernvale, the warnings fell on deaf ears.

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Expecting the area to attract campers, Lowood police scouted the area before Easter and noticed the couple camping on April 9.

After warning the pair they couldn't be there due to Public Health Directions for combating coronavirus, police found the pair again the next morning.

They each copped a $1334 fine for the breach.

Two days later, another person landed the same fine for breaching the health orders, after police deemed his travel non-essential.

Lowood police Acting Senior Sergeant James Bromley said police came across a 53-year-old man from Toowoomba who was lurking at the BP Service Station in Blacksoil.

His excuse for travel was not up to scratch.

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"He wanted to go for a walk and had hitchhiked from Toowoomba to Brisbane and spent the day in Brisbane," Snr Sgt Bromley said.

"He was making his way back and got stuck at Blacksoil and nobody would pick him up, obviously because of COVID-19."

The man was fined but police from two different stations transported the man home by meeting halfway on the 81km journey.

"Rather than leaving him in Blacksoil, we had to do a halfway meet with Toowoomba police to get him back home safely," Snr Sgt Bromley said.