Dump health effects a concern to all


According to a scientific study from the Torrens university Adelaide, the dumps are killing us.

Living in Ipswich especially close to the dumps shows an alarming health risk.

From the Australian Cancer Atlas, lung cancer from 19% higher in Bellbird Park/Brookwater to a phenomenal 41% higher in Brassall.

Of course we in Bellbird Park/Brookwater can smell these stinking dumps but now these more affluent suburbs are suffering severe health problems.

This should worry residents and their children, investors, real estate agents as well as the toxic dumpers. 

Now you would hope that an extraordinary council meeting would be called on Monday with similar at State parliament.

They would of course pronounce the incinerator dead in the water and work immediately on a blueprint for the phasing out of these toxic dumps.

Residents, particularly in the most affected suburbs, should book appointments to see their State MPs and Councillors, start with emails.

Rattle their cages. Remind Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk of her commitment on dumps at her cabinet meeting in Ipswich.

You voted them in, now is the time for them to deliver.

Their constituents are getting sick and dying early.  This is their acid test.

The minister for health Yvette D'Ath must announce an inquiry immediately.

There's talk of a class action. Add my name to the list.

David Harris