PROTEIN BUSTER: Brody Lambshead did a runner from Macca's with a tub of protein.
PROTEIN BUSTER: Brody Lambshead did a runner from Macca's with a tub of protein.

Drunk teen caught red handed with unusual loot

A McDONALD'S visitor was after more than just burgers and nuggets during a recent visit.

In a moment of apparent alcohol-fuelled silliness, an Ipswich court heard how a teenager walked out of the fast food franchise with a tin of protein supplements that had been sitting on the counter.

Brody Jaames Lambshead, 19, pleaded guilty to stealing the supplements from McDonald's Booval on November 2 last year; and failing to appear in court.

Prosecutor Sergeant Paul Caldwell told Ipswich Magistrates Court the teenager was clearly intoxicated when police came across him about 11.30pm, still carrying the supplements.

Believing the supplements may have been stolen from the nearby nutrition warehouse, police checked that business first, the court was told.

Sgt Caldwell said the manager of McDonald's then emerged from the restaurant, saying the protein was donated for a raffle and had been placed on display on the counter of the McCafe.

Lambshead was then arrested.

Security camera footage at McDonald's showed the teen removing the donated goods from the counter before leaving.

Packaging from the supplements was found in the garden area, nearby.

Defence lawyer Jason Voight said Lambshead was only 19, looking for work and had not offended before.

Mr Voight said the incident was very much out of character, with Lambshead drunk at the time, although his intoxication was not offerred as an excuse for his behaviour.

With no criminal history Mr Voight sought a fine with no conviction recorded.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess said it was somewhat unusual in stealing the nutrition supplements from a raffle prize.

"If you do dumb things when drunk then don't drink," Ms Sturgess warned the teenager.

Lambshead was fined $450.

No conviction was recorded against him.