Drunk punches son in fight over woman - fined $800

PICKING a fight with his son over a woman was just the start of a drunken Gympie man's "appalling behaviour" when he refused to leave the Mt Pleasant Hotel on July 4.

In uncontested police allegations, Gympie Magistrates Court was told yesterday that Haydn John Allen had also violently resisted police as he vomited on the footpath, growled "like a dog" and ignored his son's pleas for them to "just go."

The court was told Allen, 48, had taken exception at his son kissing a woman who had previously rebuffed Allen's advances.

He called his son from behind, calling him a "piece of s...t" and a "dog" before bieng told again to leave, an order he repeatedly ignored.

He continued to abuse his son and the woman as the dispute continued into the hotel car park. There, Allen punched his son several times.

Police arrived as the disturbance moved into the street.

Police told the court officers found Allen so drunk he could hardly stand and said Allen had struggled with them as he threw up on the footpath.

Allen pleaded guilty to creating a disturbance in licensed premises, refusing to leave and obstructing police. He told police he had a heart condition and a pacemaker, prompting police to call an ambulance.

Allen threatened police and said he would hurt one of them "bad."

"Your behaviour on the day was appalling," magistrate Chris Callaghan said, fining Allen $800.