The man faced off with the train between two stations.
The man faced off with the train between two stations. Claudia Baxter

Drunk man stumbles on to train tracks, causes massive delays

AN IPSWICH court has heard how a drunk man ambled down the railway line between East Ipswich and Booval, causing a face off with a train.

Luckily for the pedestrian, the train was already stopped when he stood in front of it.

An Ipswich court heard how Robert Shillingsworth had been drunk when he disrupted rail traffic on Wednesday night.

Taken into police custody and appearing in the dock of Ipswich Magistrates Court the next day, Robert Timothy Shillingsworth, 29, pleaded guilty to interfering with a railway; and trespassing on Queensland Rail property near Booval station on October 30.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Dave Shelton said police were notified at 6pm about a man walking on the train track.

At 6.16pm the man, identified as Shillingsworth, stopped near the train in what Snr Cnst Shelton said had been a reckless move. Security staff alerted police and Shillingsworth was arrested at Booval station.

"He stood in front of the stationary train," Snr Cnst Shelton said.

"He said he was walking home on his land."

Defence lawyer Trevor Hoskin said Shillingsworth had no recollection of the events, as he was extremely drunk.

The court heard Shillingsworth was then detained overnight in the police watch house for his own safety.

Ms Sturgess told Shillingsworth it was very distressing for train drivers when they encountered people on the tracks.

Shillingsworth was convicted and fined $300.