St George man reckoned drugs were cheaper in Toowoomba.
St George man reckoned drugs were cheaper in Toowoomba.

Drugs are cheaper in Toowoomba, court told

A ST GEORGE man had travelled into Toowoomba to buy meth and cannabis because drugs were cheaper in the Garden City, he told police.

The Toowoomba Supreme Court heard police had turned up to search a unit in Toowoomba on December 10, 2017 and found Brad William Prince, 35, and Robert James Lamb, 33.

Lamb had thrown a backpack out of the bathroom window which was retrieved by the officers, Crown prosecutor Shontelle Petrie told the court.

In that bag were clip seal plastic bags, one of which had 7.08g of crystalline substance of which 3.8g was pure methylamphetamine and another bag which contained 27.73g of substance of which 16.82g was pure meth, the court heard.

Police also found a bag containing 307g of cannabis, Ms Petrie said.

The fingerprints of Prince and Lamb were found on the bag.

Prince pleaded guilty to possessing both drugs.

His barrister David Jones said his client was a heavy user of drugs at the time and that he had come into Toowoomba to buy drugs because the price was higher in St George.

His client had since moved to Oakey where he had a job, he said.

The court heard Lamb had been sentenced to 30 months in jail but suspended after the 239 days he had served in pre-sentence custody after he pleaded guilty to similar charges in the same court last month.

Justice Ann Lyons similarly sentenced Prince to 30 months in jail but ordered he be released on parole on January 26 next year after having served eight months.