Drug use not unique to escorts advocacy group says

DRUG use is not more prevalent amongst sex workers than it is in any other profession, according to a peak Queensland advocacy group.

Respect QLD chairperson Kayla Rose said it was a stereotype that sex workers are drug users.

"Drug use is not unique to sex workers and is not more prevalent in the sex work industry and the sex worker population," she said.

"Like in any population there is a percentage of people that use drugs.

"Sex workers are no different than someone who works in journalism or in a café."

Ms Rose said she cannot speak for the experience of a Mackay escort who told the Supreme Court she used the drug ice to cope with the long taxing hours of the work, but said there were professionals in every industry who used drugs to get through their day.

Respect QLD is a sex worker peer-support group that works alongside national body Scarlet Alliance in campaigning for the decriminalisation of sex work and ending the stigmatisation of sex workers.

There are currently no licensed brothels in Mackay.