Drug-driving daughter sends death threats to mum

A MOTHER who reported her daughter to police for drug driving received death threats over voicemail because of her actions, a Roma court has heard.

The defendant, 23, pleaded guilty to two counts of driving with a relevant drug present in blood or saliva and one count of contravention of a domestic violence order.

The court heard the defendant called her mother on December 28, and left a threatening message when she did not answer the phone.

Police Prosecutor Jodie Tahana said the message stated "you proper dog c---, you better keep one eye open, I'm coming for you - you piece of shit".

She had left the message after her mother had reported her for an earlier incident of drug driving on November 14.

At 5.50pm that day, police intercepted the defendant in the Roma Woolworths carpark and a roadside drug test returned a positive reading; when questioned about their drug use, she admitted to smoking marijuana.

On the following day the defendant was again intercepted by police, and a roadside drug test revealed marijuana and methamphetamine in her system.

The defendant's lawyer Leslee Reed told the court she is trying to improve her life by getting help for drugs and anger issues, but on the day of the first drug-driving incident she had turned to drugs to deal with stress.

"She was taking cannabis medicinally for stress relief, as at the time her Centrelink payments had been stopped and her child was stuck in Brisbane with his father," Ms Reed said.

The defendant was already on probation for other matters, and Ms Reed claimed she was doing well, suggesting another probation order would be appropriate in this case.

The defendant was issued with a probation order, and her drivers licence was disqualified for six months, but Magistrate Saggers was quick to point out how close she had come to a difficult life in prison.

"You find it difficult to comply with orders, and these kind of breaches could give you two years in prison," he said.

"You are not a baby, so it is time to start acting like it, because with your looks and slight figure, prison would be a nightmare you can't imagine."