TEARS OF JOY: Hally Herrmann has made his onion weather predictions for 2019.
TEARS OF JOY: Hally Herrmann has made his onion weather predictions for 2019. Rob Williams

Drought relief hope: onion forecaster's November prediction

IPSWICH'S own "Onion Oracle" Hally Herrmann has a somewhat unusual way of predicting the weather, but many will be hoping he is on the money again this year.

According to Mr Herrmann, who cuts an onion on New Year's Day each year to forecast monthly rainfall, our region could be in for some decent rain in November.

Mr Herrmann contacted the QT yesterday to remind us of his forecast for the year, and the fact that some proper relief from the drought might not be too far away.

"I predicted relieving rain for November, and I think it will be 50mm upwards," he said yesterday.

"That is according to the onion that I cut into at 5am on New Year's Day this year.

"I predicted a very dry year but the November section had nice moisture to it."

The Lowood resident uses a technique that is known among descendants of the German immigrants who settled in southeast Queensland in the 19th century.

While many of those families will have given up on onions in favour of more scientific methods, Hally still swears by his annual New Year's Day onion cutting tradition.

Recent results have shown he may be onto something, and he thinks his prediction for the latter part of this year will be on the money too.

"I'm pretty good with my predictions," he said.

"I can be wrong, I will admit, but I stand by my November prediction because it showed indication of rain."

Mr Hermann, 79, has seen his fair share of drought and flood in his years, but said the current one was among the worst.

September has continued the incredibly dry run for Ipswich, with only 6mm of rain so far this month as of yesterday. That followed on from a bone dry August, which also had a total of 6mm of rain. In fact, 2019 has been barren since March, when Ipswich recorded a total of 99mm of rain. Mr Herrmann's prediction for another dry month in December means any relief from the drought might not last very long.

Hally's 2019 forecast

January: Dry

February: Good rain

March: Good rain

April: Some rain

May: Some rain

June: Dry

July: Some rain

August: Some rain

September: Dry

October: Dry

November: Some rain

December: Dry