IT'S only a matter of months until the new Costso is expected to open at Bundamba but there is still nothing happening on the vacant block of dirt.

There has been no movement on the massive site at Bundamba since the block was flattened in November and with the build originally expected to take eight months, work would need to start by May for the store to be open by Christmas.

The company is unable to say when construction will start but anticipate groundbreaking will happen within the next two months.

Costco site in Ipswich
The proposed Costco site at Bundamba. Rob Williams

It's only a few months before the expected store opening by the end of the year.

New drone footage taken of the site this week shows it looks exactly the same as it has since before Costco made the announcement it was coming to Ipswich - empty.

"We don't have a firm date to start construction as yet, but we are hoping around the May/June time for groundbreaking," the spokesperson said.

A spokesperson previously  said an opening date was marked for some time between September and December.

The massive site, opposite the Puma travel centre, will cover 13,750 sq m - the equivalent of two football fields - and create 280 permanent jobs.

The on-site petrol station will include 24 bowsers with 825 car parking spaces for the main warehouse.