EXCLUSIVE images from 120m above the Ipswich Mall redevelopment show the full extent of what's happening behind the metal fence.

The Amberley RAAF base was de-activated on the weekend, allowing drone access to otherwise excluded flight zones above the Ipswich CBD.

The footage and images show the shell of the old Woolworths store with the roof and internal walls removed, a flattened car park, torn-up bricks and rubble where there were shops and businesses.

The images allow the community a unique point of view of what's happening behind a tall metal fence which normally blocks view from street level on the mall.

Demolition of the old Woolworths supermarket was part of the latest phase of work on the redevelopment, which started in early April. The demolition of the Woolworths end of the mall will take about 17 weeks, with construction expected to start soon after.

The wrecking ball and dozers moved into the derelict site mid last year, demolishing what used to be the heart of the city, ready for a fresh look to begin evolving in 2018.

When finished, the $150 million redevelopment will have retail, dining and entertainment spaces.