WALKING AWAY: Samuel Ramsden leaves court after admitting to two charges of driving while disqualified.
WALKING AWAY: Samuel Ramsden leaves court after admitting to two charges of driving while disqualified. Ross Irby

Driver's 'shocking and disastrous' history

STUNG 10 times driving while his licence was disqualified by court order, Samuel Ramsden walked into an Ipswich courtroom knowing he would like be going to jail.

With no lawyer legally representing him, Ramsden was told his traffic history was "shocking and disastrous".

Despite the warning, Ramsden was shown some mercy by the magistrate and allowed to walk free - with a suspended jail term.

But he was left in no doubt that if police again grab him behind the wheel he would immediately be in jail.

The two cars he had been driving during his two latest offences - one of which didn't belong to him - were seized and impounded by police.

Samuel Joshua Ramsden, 23, from Raceview, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrate Court to two charges of driving unlicensed while disqualified.

Prosecutor Sergeant Paul Caldwell said the two offences happened on November 21, 2018, at Booval, and December 30, 2018, at Brassall.

Sgt Caldwell said in the first offence Ramsden was seen with a 1994 model Holden ute at petrol pumps in a Booval service station.

At the time, he'd been disqualified by a court for two and a half years.

Sgt Caldwell said Ramsden at first denied driving the ute, saying a mate drove it there and had just walked off around the corner.

CCTV showed Ramsden to be the driver.

On December 30, Ramsden was seen at 8pm driving a black Holden Commodore at Brassall.

He was intercepted and the Holden seized, and towed off. And is subject of a forfeiture order.

"That car wasn't mine," Ramsden told the court.

 Magistrate Andy Cridland urged Ramsden to explain to him why he shouldn't sentence him to actual time behind bars.

"Realistically the only order is a lengthy term of prison," Mr Cridland said.

Ramsden explained he'd come off parole and "been out of trouble almost two years".

"The first car impounded I'd rebuilt for the purpose to sell for my new business," he said.

"My mate usually drives it but he did not show up. I got the shits, cranky so I drove the car to the car wash, filled up with petrol and got done by the cops."

"After the first charge I got to the mental point I figured I'd be going to jail anyway."

He explained he'd started a new performance vehicle shop based at his grandpa's shed in Beachmere.

"Mr Ramsden, you have an absolutely shocking traffic history. It's a real disaster," Mr Cridland said.

"This is your tenth driving when disqualified offence."

Mr Cridland found that many of his offences had been from some years ago but (to his credit) he had managed to get through two years without offending that did show some change in his behaviour until the two offences.

Ramsden was sentenced to two years' jail with immediate release, with an additional three-year probation order. He was disqualified from driving for three years.