BUILDING ON SUCCESS: Amanda Bulow of the Awesome Women in Construction (AWIC).
BUILDING ON SUCCESS: Amanda Bulow of the Awesome Women in Construction (AWIC).

Drive to see women take a positive place in industry

THE construction industry has a new organisation aimed at supporting women working in the field.

Awesome Women in Construction (AWIC) is the brainchild of Amanda Bulow.

Already, support is strong in a male dominated industry.

According to a recent ABS labour force survey, the construction industry in Australia has a total of 88.3% males and just a total of 11.7% females working either part or full-time in the industry. These figures for women are comparable to those in Canada, US, and Japan. Ms Bulow, a passionate advocate for women in the workforce, is excited to see support for this concept.

"I started the association in March this year, with 14 ladies coming along to a breakfast. We had a breakfast in July and we had 56 ladies attend, even more exciting is that 25 % of them were first-timers," she said.

The mission statement for the association is to provide a trusting and nurturing environment (community) for women from the construction industry to grow and support each other.

"We value support and development of leadership, to provide a place of trust and connection so relationships are established. We are about respecting ourselves and each other and also ensuring everyone has the same opportunities."

AWIC has a membership base of more than 100 and among these are state sales managers, account managers, women in marketing, estimators, administration and research and development.

"The members come from local businesses right through to global organisations. We certainly encourage our members to support our sponsors but we are not about selling product to our members, we genuinely want our members to know they are safe, can enjoy each others company and support each other," Ms Bulow said.

"We hold monthly events which include breakfasts, lunches and after work networking events. This month's event is a wine-tasting. Growth in the association is at a fast rate which is showing women in the construction industry are enjoying the networking and supportive environment we provide."

Ms Bulow is already in the planning stages of events for 2018 which will include AWIC first birthday celebrations, and a Women's Leadership Summit.

"I am excited because this association is supporting the massive construction work that is present in the City of Ipswich. From Springfield to Ripley to areas like Walloon, it is a building corridor and AWIC is so good for this area," she said.

The association covers the south-east corner of the state.

"We are small in number, in terms of our representation in the construction industry, but we are big on our passion to see women take a positive and meaningful place in the industry. It is important that we support the industry and women who are in this industry," Ms Bulow said.

Ms Bulow has worked in the construction industry for a number of years and is eager to see the association grow. "I am very keen to see Ipswich well represented in this association," she said.