Kaine Treadwell of Victorious Supplements Redbank Plains.
Kaine Treadwell of Victorious Supplements Redbank Plains. Cordell Richardson

Drive-through now serving up smoothies, snacks, supplements

A DESIRE to be different and corner the market is the story behind Redbank Plains' newest business, drive-through store Victorious Fitness Supplements.

Director and owner Steve Constanti said the store was a different concept and "the first drive-through supplement store".

"Everyone's doing the same thing , it just depends on who you want to see to get your stuff and your advice," he said.

"So I thought we'd bring something new to (the industry) with a drive-through".

Mr Constanti said he chose Redbank Plains because there was no real competition in the area.

"It was a drive-through at the right price when it came to rent. Of course there are plenty of gyms in the area and they're all very community-minded," he said.

Mr Constanti said the store also sells smoothies, coffees, milkshakes, snacks and bars, and core foods such as Youfoodz, as well as energy drinks.

"We've had a good response; as the time goes on, more and more people will know we're there," Mr Constanti said.

But he wasn't always a business owner, making the move from a car painter only eight years ago.

"I started the company in 2011. The reason I got into supplements is I wanted to get out of car painting and I was really into the gym to start with," he said.

"In the first year, I opened three of them and another two years later we had 13 Australia-wide.

"As the industry shifted, leases came up, other people swapped names; at the moment there's five.

"For the past two years I've been wanting to do a drive-through. People are becoming lazy, convenience (is key) and you see it with other companies like Guzman Y Gomez and Zaraffa's.

"That's the concept we went with but for supplements."

The store will have its grand opening on September 7.

"We'll have 20-50 per cent off and free coffee for the day. We've got sponsors down there such as the Redbank Bears rugby team and suppliers there as well doing taste testings and giveaways," Mr Constanti said.

Victorious Fitness Supplements is located 319 Redbank Plains Rd, Redbank Plains.