DODGY PLATES: Robert Lawrence claims he found stolen number plates, then put them on his Holden.
DODGY PLATES: Robert Lawrence claims he found stolen number plates, then put them on his Holden. Ross Irby

Drive on false plates stupid for dad on ban

A DISQUALIFIED driver admitted it was stupid to use stolen registration plates on his own car so he could drive to Centrelink.

Robert Lawrence was hit with a two-year driving ban for using the false plates.

Police had confiscated his actual number plates at the time of the offence.

Robert Alastair Lawrence, 42, from Flinders View, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to driving when disqualified by court order; operating a motor vehicle when its number plates were confiscated; registration certificate (plates) offences; tamper/modify a number plate; stealing; and driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Carl Spargo said Ipswich police saw a white Holden wagon with false plates at 9.30am on June 23 as the car was driven into a carpark off Brisbane St.

Lawrence told police he found the plates on a footpath before fixing them to his car.

The plates were reported as being stolen between midnight and 9am on June 23 - going missing off a car parked overnight at Raceview.

Sen-Const Spargo said Lawrence told officers he did not have a licence and was a disqualified driver.

He had been disqualified by court order for one month on June 4.

His Holden's registration had expired back in December 2017 and his car was also subject to a 90-day police confiscation notice.

"He says he was driving to an appointment in Ipswich CBD and had no other way of getting there," Sen-Const Spargo said.

Defence lawyer Allana Davie said Lawrence was a dad of three and a mechanical fitter by trade but not working.

His car is now impounded.

"He says he found the plates. A stupid decision to put them on his vehicle," she said.

"He was going to Centrelink, a job appointment.

"He has a push bike."

Magistrate Donna MacCallum said Lawrence had no criminal history and made a very stupid decision because he only had a one-month licence disqualification.

He now faces a two-year licence disqualification.

She fined him $1500, and disqualified his licence two years.