Drinks flow, punches fly in row with hotel guests

WHEN Scott Gardiner dropped by some hotel guests to have a few friendly drinks, he quickly got argumentative and began swinging a few punches.

Police had to be called when his unfriendly behaviour got out of hand for the guests.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Carl Spargo told Ipswich Magistrates Court the incident took place at Brisbane Valley Tavern in Fernvale.

He said Gardiner, a local, brought alcohol at the bottle shop then went over to some hotel guests who were drinking outside their motel unit.

While having a few drinks Gardiner became aggressive toward the guests and began swearing violently.

Then took some swinging punches at them.

Police arrived and he was arrested.

Snr Const Spargo said Gardiner urinated in the rear of the police car.

Scott Trevor Gardiner, 46, pleaded guilty to causing public nuisance within the vicinity of licensed premises at Fernvale on December 6.

Magistrate Andy Cridland asked Gardiner if he had anything to say but he replied "not really".

"Do you have a problem with grog," Mr Cridland asked.

"Yep," Gardiner said.

He said he was now getting medical help to assist him.

Mr Cridland commented that it was the third offence in which liquor was involved and Gardiner needed to do something about it.

Gardiner was fined $750.