Jarod Hourigan leaves court after pleading guilty to drink driving and driving without due care.
Jarod Hourigan leaves court after pleading guilty to drink driving and driving without due care.

Drink driver facing ‘horrible’ crash damage bill

A MAN was more than double the legal alcohol limit when he crashed into a pole, snapping it in half and badly damaging his Holden Commodore in the process.

Ipswich Magistrates Court on Friday heard Jarod Douglas Hourigan, 20, was yet to receive the damage bill.

Hourigan pleaded guilty to drink driving at Redbank Plains on December 28 last year; and driving without due care and attention.

In police facts put forward by Prosecutor Sergeant Rose Molinaro, officers were called to the scene of a single vehicle crash at Redbank Plains at 11pm on December 28.

A pole was found snapped in half and lying across the road in Juillerat Drive.

A white Commodore with significant front-end damage was on the footpath.

When breath tested, Hourigan had an alcohol reading of 0.124.

Hourigan told officers he drank 11 Vodka Cruisers that evening.

He said the accident occurred when he accelerated out of the roundabout, “giving it a bit too much”.

The car struck a gutter and then the light pole.

Hourigan said he was not intentionally trying to do a skid when he accelerated and only doing about 45km/h.

“I shouldn’t have been behind the wheel. I understand the risks involved,” an apologetic Hourigan told the court.

Magistrate Terry Duroux asked why he would hit the accelerator in the way he had when negotiating a roundabout.

“I wasn’t thinking straight,” Hourigan said.

“Probably something to do with the 11 Vodka Cruisers,” Mr Duroux said.

The magistrate noted Hourigan had a good traffic history and was still young.

“I’m mystified by the stupidity of young people who drive in this fashion and who need their licenses,” Mr Duroux said.

The Magistrate warned Hourigan that he could expect the damage bill from the crash to be “horrible”.

He fined the driver $1200 and disqualified Hourigan from driving for five months.