Some of the rotaries preparing for Saturday's events at Queensland Raceway and Willowbank.
Some of the rotaries preparing for Saturday's events at Queensland Raceway and Willowbank.

Drift out to Willowbank to check out great cars

THIS weekend's motorsport excitement blasts off tonight with the Friday Night Drift at Queensland Raceway.

Friday Night Drift features around 100 drifters taking to the track to unwind sideways before the weekend.

The Friday Nights Drifts are great entertainment. It will have me along as always to check out the great cars that are involved.

Tomorrow at Queensland Raceway is the Rotary Revival number #3.

What a great concept to get all the rotaries in one place.

Rotary drivers are passionate. With over 100 rotaries likely to be on track it's a great day if you love your RX3, RX7's and RX8's.

Another Saturday event at Willowbank will continue humming with a Rotary-themed test n tune.

This is probably the one the kids are most looking forward to as there is something about the rotaries that the younger generation love.

On Sunday at Queensland Raceway is another of the popular Moto Ride Days.

Riders flock to the Ipswich precinct to get their two-wheel fix instead of out on the road.

What a great concept as far too many young people are killed on motorcycles on our roads. The best place to enjoy a ride is at Queensland Raceway.

QDRC finale

WHAT a day it was last Saturday with the Queensland Drag Racing Championships final.

It was perfect weather and very close racing. The champions couldn't be decided until the finals.

It was so exciting right to the end. Congratulations to all the championship winners.

Last night was the All Ford theme night.

Love them or hate them they all put on a good show.

There was definitely a mix of new and old, and some looked like they had been sitting out in a paddock for a while and some were in show condition.

We had a great night watching the diversity of Fords.

Key events

Tonight: Friday Night Drift, Queensland Raceway

Tomorrow: Rotary Revival #3, Queensland Raceway; Rotary-themed Test n Tune, Willowbank Raceway.

Sunday: QR Moto Ride Day, Queensland Raceway.

Wednesday: Test n Tune, Willowbank Raceway.