Friday night drifting at Queensland Raceway.
Friday night drifting at Queensland Raceway.

Drift out to Willowbank for night of entertaining action

FRIDAY Night Drifts take centre stage at Queensland Raceway this weekend.

It's always a great night out at Willowbank for the drifts.

One part I love is watching the guys on the wet skid pan. These guys are usually the more novice guys but it always great fun to watch them giving it a go.

Sometimes you see guys going around and round on the spot then something clicks and the starts to look like there actually drifting.

The guys out on the big track usually numbering around the 100 mark have great car control.

It's a pleasure to watch them link up the corners in a single drift.

Tomorrow another bunch of lucky people get their V8 hot laps with the V8 Race Experience.

I have done it before but I will be leaving many hints around the house seeing Father's Day is coming up and I would love to do it again.

On Sunday, the bikes are back.

The QR Moto Ride day brings around 100 bikes out on circuit.

I will be keeping an eye out for some guys testing for the next QR Formula Xtreme club round at the end of the month.

The Shannon's Nationals last weekend at Queensland Raceway were very entertaining.

The Saturday night race was a great spectacular. The cars had red hot glowing brakes as they tipped into the corners with head lights blazing.

Sunday was also a great day's racing. The rollover in the Sport racers was spectacular I couldn't believe that the driver only had a sore ankle. It is testament to the safe standards in modern motor racing.

Wednesday night saw Willowbank Raceway filled with all kinds of European cars out for the European themed test 'n' tune- from Volkswagens to Lamborghinis.

It was great seeing so many different cars you don't usually see on the quarter mile.

Hopefully we see some of them back at the track for Saturday's night Test 'n' Tune. I wouldn't mind giving some of them a run for their money.

Key events

Tonight: Friday Night Drift, Queensland Raceway

Tomorrow: Test 'n' Tune, Willowbank Raceway; V8 Race Experience, Queensland Raceway.

Sunday: QR Moto Ride Day, Queensland Raceway.

Wednesday: Test 'n' Tune, Willowbank Raceway.