Abbot Point coal terminal
Abbot Point coal terminal Contributed

Dredging firms asked to come up with Abbot Point plan

THE Queensland Government asked dredging companies to tell them how to complete the Abbot Point onshore dredging project two weeks before putting it out for public comment on its environmental impacts.

The project will involve dredging sediment at Abbot Point and dumping it on land, destroying more than 100ha of the Caley Valley wetlands, but was fast-tracked so it did not need a complete environmental assessment.

Two weeks before plans were released for a 10-day public comment period, the state began preliminary tender processes, putting a "request for information" out to the market, in a bid to speed up the process.

Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney said the RFI was not a tender process, but was intended to "flag the proposed opportunity" with dredging companies.

He said if the project wasn't approved in time, an earlier offshore dumping proposal in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park "could be pursued" - an option he does not prefer.