Downside of an extra public holiday

THERE isn't enough time for businesses to prepare ahead of the contentious Christmas Eve part-day public holiday that's set to be introduced this year, it's been claimed, amid concerns the legislation has been rushed.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland spokesman Dan Petrie said the timing of the new holiday represented the "imposition of another layer to an already significant compliance mountain" on small businesses that will need to organise payroll and HR to ensure they're compliant.

The public holiday, which the State Government hopes will be in place this year, will kick in from 6pm on December 24.

The parliamentary committee tasked with assessing the legislation is due to report back on November 4, meaning it will need to be debated and passed during the final sitting week at the end of November.

"There's not enough time, the whole thing has been rushed," Mr Petrie said.

Opposition industrial relations spokesman Jarrod Bleijie said if the changes were rushed in, businesses would only have a few weeks to adjust.

"The last thing anyone wants to see is Queensland turned into a ghost town on Christmas Eve," he said.

Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace said the Government indicated its intention to introduce the change in early August.

"Since then, businesses have had the opportunity to have their say through the consultation regulatory impact statement," she said.