CANCELLED: Event organiser Idell Wadley at the 2019 Colours of Somerset festival. Photo: Dominic Elsome
CANCELLED: Event organiser Idell Wadley at the 2019 Colours of Somerset festival. Photo: Dominic Elsome

DOWN THE DRAIN: Six months’ of cultural events canned

“THE worst feeling in the world was having to cancel all our events.”

Six months of plans are out the window for Lockyer Valley events committee Spirit of the Valley.

Only a few days ago, event co-ordinator and Spirit of the Valley Inc President Idell Wadley told the Gatton Star she hoped to hold onto some of its upcoming plans.

But the situation changed when social distancing policies increased in severity.

Recently describing the nine scheduled events – including the Lockyer Valley Multicultural Festival – as “under a cloud”, Idell said all events were now off the table.

“Given the government is so fluid in what its directions are, I don’t see us doing anything this year,” Idell said.

“We will survive – we’re fine but it’s worth about $100,000 to the community – it would have put that money back into the community.”

Events cancelled include Village of the Doomed, NAIDOC week, the Multicultural Festival and more.

She said breaking the news to vendors was particularly hard.

“It was like having to fire people,” she said.

“All the entertainers, all the business – they have come to rely on our events to help with income.”

She said she hoped there was some way to reschedule to Multicultural Festival.

“We will play the game of wait and see,” she said.

The Spirit of the Valley Committee intend to use their time helping the community.

“We are going to chat to council, the Laidley Community Centre and other organisations to see how we can use our skills and equipment to help them support the community,” she said.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on Friday there must be one person per four square metres at non-essential gatherings, with no more than 100 people in a group.

“For example, if you’ve got a room, if you’ve got a premises, if you’ve got a meeting room or something like that, that’s 100 square metres, then you can have 25 people in that room,” Mr Morrison said.

Spirit of the Valley events no longer running:

  • Elders Gathering (April 1)
  • Community Connections Night (April 23)
  • Village of the Doomed (May 2)
  • Sisters Stay In for Domestic Violence Action Month (May 15)
  • Multicultural Festival (May 24)
  • NAIDOC (July 2)
  • Elders Gathering, Lowood, for Reconciliation Week (June 3)
  • Fundraiser for Laidley Community Centre (June 13)
  • Colours of Somerset Arts and Culture Festival (August 22)