EATEN ALIVE: Dot the pet sheep was mauled to death and eaten by a pack of dogs.
EATEN ALIVE: Dot the pet sheep was mauled to death and eaten by a pack of dogs.

Dot killed then eaten in back yard

A GIN Gin woman has warned of a dangerous pack of dogs in the area after her pet sheep, Dot, was killed and eaten on the weekend.

All that was left of Dot were scraps when Jane Armatys woke Sunday morning.

At 5am she looked out her back door to discover a dingo-like dog eating the remains of her beloved pet, just six metres from her house.

Devastated by the sight, Ms Armatys called on local shearer Dion Neller to come to her 10ha Mt Perry Rd property and help dispose of the remains.

At first Ms Armatys thought a lone dog was solely responsible for the death, but Mr Neller told her there was no way one dog could devour a whole sheep.


Dot in happier times.

"He said it looked like a pack of about six dogs had been responsible," Ms Armatys said.

"They had eaten just about everything of her, there was just fleece left all over the lawn."

Even the collar of the pet sheep was gone.

"I asked Dion to find the collar for me but it wasn't there," Ms Armatys said.

"He said it must have been eaten too."

Ms Armatys is now warning all landholders in the area from Gin Gin Creek to Moolboolamon to be on the lookout for the dogs.

She is worried they will kill again and is concerned for other house animals, especially because Dot was kept so close to her home.

"She was in the house yard because she was so special," Ms Armatys said.

"I didn't dream for one minute that they would attack this close to the house."

What was even more concerning was the dog spotted that morning was wearing a collar.

Ms Armatys said people needed to lock up their dogs to stop them running with wild dogs at night. Mr Neller told her the packs of dogs were very quiet when hunting and landholders might not hear a thing unless the animal they were killing made a noise.

"I didn't hear anything that night," she said.

"It would be good if the dogs were killed before they attack something else."