Dedicated reader June Kay with a copy of the QT.
Dedicated reader June Kay with a copy of the QT. Rob Williams

Don't miss the special final edition of the Queensland Times

Tomorrow marks the end of an era - journalism will change as we know it.

We're celebrating 161 years of treasured Queensland Times print media and sending off the newspaper with a bang for the final edition.

Be sure to grab your copy of tomorrow's paper as Ipswich reflects on some of the biggest stories to break in the region.

This edition will be a special one - you certainly don't want to miss it.

QT papers.
Tomorrow will be the final edition of the Queensland Times newspaper. Shannon Newley

LOCAL NEWS | Inside police raid of Ipswich drug den

As for the future, news doesn't stop, and neither will we.

The journalists at the Queensland Times will continue to cover Ipswich news with a hunger to bring you, our valued readers, the same quality stories that had you picking up the paper every morning - just in a different format.

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LOCAL NEWS | Tattoo business forced to close after $23,000 insurance bill

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Thank you to our dedicated print readers over the years, your commitment to us has been resounding.

We hope you'll join us on the next part of the Queensland Times journey.

As always, we're here for you.