The Bann-Murray family take a break from driving to have lunch.
The Bann-Murray family take a break from driving to have lunch.

Don’t invite fatigue on your road trip

After months of restrictions I, like many Queenslanders, have been enjoying getting out and seeing this great state. While we know the importance of preparing our car before we head off on a long drive, it’s just as an important to ensure we prepare ourselves.

Sadly, this year our road toll is higher than the same time last year despite fewer cars on the road, and driver fatigue is one of the biggest killers on our roads. This means all drivers should be well-rested before they start their journey and should stop for 15 minutes every two hours.

You should also avoid driving at times when you would normally be sleeping.

If you feel yourself getting drowsy or find it hard to concentrate, take a break, even if you’ve only been on the road for a short time.

Don’t forget your travel companions and pets may be suffering from fatigue as well. I like to use my rest break to support a local business by grabbing a coffee or something to eat.

If you’re travelling in the outback where fuel stations are few and far between, you should plan your stops in advance. This will also ensure you have enough fuel, water and food to make it to your next destination.

By getting enough sleep and planning breaks, you’ll enjoy the journey more and will be able to continue exploring this great state, safely.