Council has decided to extend a warning period for commuters parking on grass areas around Springfield Central Train Station.
Council has decided to extend a warning period for commuters parking on grass areas around Springfield Central Train Station. Rob Williams

Council extends warning period for train commuters

UPDATE: IPSWICH City Council has decided to extend a warning period for commuters parking on grass areas around Springfield Central Train Station.

In a statement released today the council said they have "agreed to extend a warning period to park and ride travellers who insist upon parking illegally at Springfield Central Station."

CEO Sean Madigan said the plan to warn motorists came in response to safety concerns from nearby Springfield Anglican College, and the safety of children remained the absolute paramount concern.

"As I said in a recent statement, council's main concern at this point is the safety of children and road users. For that reason, we are continuing to ask people to do the right thing," Mr Madigan said.

"That means keeping cars away from walkways and the edge of the road.

"In the meantime, we are making it our mission to work with the state government and nearby landholders in an effort to find short, medium and long-term solutions to the parking issues which face day-to-day commuters."

The warning period will be in place until further notice.

EARLIER: RIPLEY commuter Lisa Vaaulu says she shouldn't be punished for a lack of car parks at Springfield Central Train Station.

She has written to the Ipswich City Council asking for them to sort out an alternative parking solution and started a petition.

This comes as Orion Springfield Central management say commuters are not welcome in their car park after the council confirmed they had issued warnings to more than 100 motorists parked on grassed areas around the station.

"Sort alternative car parking out for an issue that is beyond our control instead of fining us for an issue that is not ours," Ms Vaaulu wrote to the council.

"Oh and maybe to make life easier for your ratepayers you could arrange for QLD Rail to put express trains on during peak hour!"

Parking at the station has long been an issue, at first only 100 parks were included at the station, that was later increased to 500 and now a Park n Ride facility with 650 new parks set to be built by 2022 can't come soon enough.

Ipswich City Council say the parking crackdown is in the interest of child safety and motorists have two weeks to find alternative parking before fines will be issued.

Ms Vaaulu said her petition for a temporary parking solution was now open. Sign the petition here.

"The growth in South Ripley and Springfield Lakes is huge. Something needs to be done.

"It's only going to get worse."

Ms Vaaulu said she felt for the mums and dads who dropped their kids at school or day care then tried to get a park around 8am.

"A lot of the travellers who need a car park are working mums and dads who do not need the added stress of worrying about trying to get a car park so they can commute to work or to worry if they will have a $90 ticket to deal with.

"The least the council can do is organise a temporary measure. People literally have no other choice. There's no side streets, it's surrounded by freeways and bike lanes. I care about the mums and dads stressing about getting a car park."

Ms Vaaulu and her partner recently purchased a house in South Ripley, where there is no bus service, they both work in the city and their son, 2 attends day care.

"We used to drive into the city everyday, leaving home at 6.30am in the morning with our son, sit in horrific traffic for at least an hour sometimes longer each way and drop our son at a city daycare, we then would get home at 6.40pm every night. 

"We then decided we would change our sons daycare to a Springfield daycare and catch the train in to the city to support our community with jobs and take one less car off the roads, but if the constant battle for a carpark at 7.15am each morning continues at Springfield Central we will no longer be able to support our community and we will have to add our car back to the already horrific traffic into the city."

Ms Vaaulu has asked the council if they think anyone wants to park on the nature strip and "potentially damage our cars"?

"Do you think we have other options? Do you think we should arrive at the station at 6am to secure a park? Do you have another location of where we should all park?

"Should we catch the bus? South Ripley doesn't have a bus service yet and there are 2000 plus people in the area."

More outrage over parking...

Springfield commuter Susana Qleibo said she had been parking at the station for more than three years and parking hadn't been a problem until about 15 months ago.

"I along with many other commuters had to resort to parking down from the station on the grass to make our way to work by train," Mrs Qleibo said.

"Yesterday I get to my car to drive home and there is an Ipswich City Council parking warning. Next time its a ticket.

"I dare say you've had quite a few cranky commuters. Its unfair. We have no other choice. No parking, no bus stop at Springfield Station as an alternative and then we have to worry about a fine!!! That is crazy.

"We need to put the pressure on State Government for a solution and more parking."

A man who wished to remain anonymous said the limited parking spaces were filled by 7.10am each morning when the rest of the commuters were "left to fight over any available section of dirt surrounding the station".

"Travellers used to park alongside the fences contained within the carpark, however, were forced to relocate due to $45 fines being issued to those illegally parked.

"Now commuters are forced to park on grass areas, muddy dirt tracks, footpaths and side of the road if they wish to travel by train."

The man said $45-$50 fines for more than 100 vehicles was revenue raising.

"Translink has just introduced brand new trains which would have cost millions and will become empty due to the fact no one can park at the station to travel by train. Money better spent upgrading urgent parking issues at most stations, like this one.

"I along with many feel an injustice is being imposed on them issuing fines when the underlying problem is due to the lack of planning and management of the parking facilities.

"Sure I want to be safe, sure I want my vehicle to be safe, I don't want obstructions to other drivers, but as this is becoming out of control more exposure and investigation needs to be voiced."