Hey Pauline: Don't you stir up trouble in Rockhampton

IT SEEMS that controversial politician and One Nation boss Pauline Hanson has more interest in Rockhampton than the Gold Coast and Melbourne.

Ms Hanson yesterday said she had turned down invitations from Reclaim Australia lobbyist groups in the two major cities to be at the Rockhampton Reclaim Australia Rally, on July 19.

Local organisers invited her to be a guest speaker at the rally, and also wanted her input after she spoke at a similar event in Brisbane recently.

Ms Hanson, whose political objective was to abolish policies related to Aboriginal and multicultural affairs, said she would be speaking out about reclaiming the sectors "our forefathers built this country on", like farming.

She said industries and sectors like farming were being lost to foreign ownership.

Another item on her agenda was privatisation, and keeping national assets and infrastructure like water "in our hands".

Ms Hanson will also speak about her view on Islamic groups and Halal-certified products.

"The everyday Australian citizen should not be taxed on things like Halal-certified products," Ms Hanson said.

"The Islamist movement is encroaching on Australian culture... it is in our cities; and now our citizens have an ingrained fear of terrorism.

"This is not the direction our country needs to be going in... we need to have strong leadership coming through from our MPs. These groups and their beliefs should not be destroying what our forefathers and the Anzacs built."

The state Members for Keppel and Rockhampton, and Capricornia's Michelle Landry, took a united stance on the rally and said they would not be endorsing the event.

While Ms Landry refused to comment on Ms Hanson's involvement in the rally, she urged her political counterpart not to come to Central Queensland to stir up any trouble.

Keppel's Brittany Lauga confirmed she would not be attending the event.

She also described all the correspondence she had with the organising party as rather aggressive.

"I have no interest in these rallies, which are just based on misinformation and a culture of hate and divisiveness," she said.

Rockhampton's Bill Byrne also confirmed he would not be attending the rally, but said: "I'm not about to get up and deny people their democratic rights."

The rally will start at 159 Denison St at 10am on Sunday, July 19.

Organisers are then putting on a barbecue at Leichhardt Park in Cambridge St from 12.30pm.