Anger as bill for lesbian couple addressed to 'Dykes'

A SUNSHINE Coast business is at the centre of a social media firestorm after mistakenly addressing an invoice with the surname "Dykes" to a lesbian couple.

Tarran Hearfield and Karen Mead were dumbfounded when they opened their letterbox to find an invoice from Network Pool and Spa Services at Currimundi for a "K + T Dykes".

The Minyama couple, who have been together for four years and have taken part in a civil union ceremony, said they were highly offended to have been labelled with such a derogatory term.

The Daily has sighted a copy of the invoice as confirmation.

Through Brandon and Gullo Lawyers, Network Pool and Spa Services management stated it had personally apologised to the couple and provided "reasonable explanation for the matter".

The company did not wish to comment further.

Ms Hearsield said she was pleased to receive an apology on Monday.

But she was still dumbfounded at how such an offensive surname mishap could happen.

She said that during the apology, the company told her the last-name slip-up had been made in a note on the file and the word "dykes" was translated to the invoice by office staff in error.

"When we got the letter, we were just astonished," Ms Hearfield said.

"We thought at first it had to be a joke, but then we were highly offended.

"If we were a different colour or race or had a big nose, would they have written that down, too?

"At the end of the day, we are people like everyone else and we are constantly living in a world of labels which is ridiculous.

"This man labelled us in a way which is morally incorrect and it reflected on the invoice.

"No one should be labelled like this."

A photo of the invoice has become a controversial and hotly debated topic on Facebook where bloggers went on the attack against the company.

"This now for us is about awareness," Ms Hearfield said.

"We want people to take responsibility for their actions."