Dog trainer in court for baiting dogs with live piglet

ALL Crown charges of serious animal cruelty against former greyhound owner and trainer Deborah Arnold were dismissed when an Ipswich District Court Judge found she had no case to answer.

Evidence against her was found to be insufficient.

Ms Arnold, 53, from Ambrose, went before Judge Alexander Horneman-Wren SC facing six cruelty charges that relate to the greyhound training facility at Churchable operated by then trainer Tom Noble.

The charges involved the practice of live baiting using a piglet on a lure back in August and October 2014 during greyhound trialling.

The case had been listed for trial until an application was lodged by her legal team that Ms Arnold had no case to answer.

Allegations of her responsibility at causing pain and suffering involved the repeated attendance of Ms Arnold at the training facility, and that the offences arose by being party to (the actions of ) another person – Tom Noble.

Judge Horneman-Wren said evidence (of any intent) fell short in the cases involving animals being either dead or injured at the end.

And where the prosecution case was not able to exclude that her attitude was one of indifference to the pain and suffering.

She had given evidence that her purpose of being involved in live baiting was to improve performance.

The evidence of any intention to cause pain and suffering was found to be insufficient and Ms Arnold was formerly discharged from the Crown indictment.

However, Judge Horneman-Wren said that no one seeing the recorded footage would be comfortable at the treatment of the piglet.

“This is not to be seen as an endorsement of conduct in live baiting,” he said.

“I too (as in comments made by other judge’s) describe these practices as barbaric.”

Ms Arnold then left the dock and the courthouse.

Ms Arnold, a former United Queensland Greyhounds Association president remains subject to an eight year ban from greyhound racing activities.