‘Dog f***-wit’: Man’s vile tirade of text’s to ex

A FATHER who sent his ex-partner a barrage of sickening and degrading texts has been given a suspended jail term with a stern warning from Gympie Magistrate Chris Callaghan.

The vile insults were read out in court on Monday - which had been sent over an eighth-month period and had contravened a domestic violence order that was in place.

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"Monster, cow f***, c***, parasite, dog f***-wit, watch your putrid mouth b****, you should never have done the sweet dog act, you can go to hell, you moral-less dog," were attributed to the man, who sent the texts between November 15, 2019 and July 21, last year.

His lawyer said her client had been frustrated because he thought his ex-partner had been taking advantage of him financially.

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He earnt $5000 a week, she said and had sent the texts in relation to a property settlement.

She said his stress had been compounded with other family issues.

Mr Gallaghan showed his intolerance for the offence.

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"You have breached that order. You are the one that texted those outrageous names - this is what you have done," Mr Gallaghan said.

"You won't go to jail today - but you will go next time you do it."

For breaching a domestic violence order, Mr Callaghan sentenced the man to three months jail, suspended for 12 months.

The man did not hide his displeasure at his sentence.

"Why are you shaking your head," Mr Gallaghan asked him.

"We are not having a conversation."