Do you agree with our most influential list?

NO DOUBT you have your own opinions on our Ipswich's Top 50 Most Influential list.

And we'd love to hear it.

While we won't publish any criticisms or personal attacks on the people who have made it in to the top 50, we're more than happy to hear about the people you think should have made it or the reasons you think someone should ranked higher.

While most of the people in the top 10 scored consistently with the judges, it only took one low score for our initial front runner to completely shift the order and drop that person back a number of spots.

I was a little surprised none of our former councillors made it in as I believe some of them still do have some influence - though that influence may now be restricted to their own patches, not Ipswich overall.

While state and federal MPs featured heavily in other areas where mastheads have done this exercise, not so for Ipswich. I'm sure that will make for some interesting conversations and perhaps bruised egos.

I was also surprised by the omission of River FM's Shane O'Brien, Deanne and Warren Ramsey of Ray White, Steve Mallet, Pushpa Baksi and a few other people I was sure would make it in.

Who's on your list that didn't make it? Email