The Roma Magistrates Court heard a middle-aged male sent illicit pictures to a lady after he mowed her lawn.
The Roma Magistrates Court heard a middle-aged male sent illicit pictures to a lady after he mowed her lawn.

‘D**k pics for you’: He cut her grass, then sent sick photos

A 56-YEAR-old man has pleaded guilty in court to sending a picture of genitals to a lady just hours after he was paid to mow her lawn.

Anthony Alan Leonow fronted Roma Magistrates Court on Tuesday, July 7 after he was charged with using a carriage service, namely a telephone service in such a way that a reasonable person may regard it as being harassment or offensive.

Police prosecutor sergeant Heather Whiting told the court, the defendant and victim were not known to one another, until the victim employed Leonow to mow her lawn.

At 8.45am on April 9, Leonow went to the victim's home to mow the lawn, earlier than expected.

The court heard the victim was wearing a nightie and dressing gown when Leonow arrived at her property. The victim told Leonow she had to go inside to get ready for an appointment.

Sgt Whiting said Leonow told the victim, "you can be naked for all I care."

Later in the day, Leonow rang the victim and asked if she was interested in doing cleaning work for a friend of his, they then spoke about other maintenance work and during the conversation, Leonow said he would do the work as long as the victim was naked.

Moments after the phone call had ended, the victim received a text message from Leonow and said "I'm going to be rude".

Sgt Whiting told the court the defendant then sent a picture of himself holding his erect penis with a message that said "dick pic for you, sorry".

The victim responded, "I won't need your services anymore".

Leonow told the court he was drunk and realised he shouldn't have sent her the picture.

"I was pissed and shouldn't have done it," he said.

"I did say 'sorry'.

"I really didn't mean it in that way - I didn't mean any offence by it, I really apologise for causing her distress."

Magistrate Saggers said it was a stupid thing to do.

"It has caused her distress and you can understand why," he said.

"You can understand why the victim may have been worried - she doesn't know you or what you're capable of."

The magistrate took into account Leonow's early plea of guilt and the fact he's never been before the court.

Leonow was given a $500 good behaviour bond for 24 months.