QT division 2 council candidate forum. Picture: Cordell Richardson
QT division 2 council candidate forum. Picture: Cordell Richardson

DIVISION 2: Candidates choose their favourite contenders

A DIVISIVE question asked at the QT election forums has put candidates on the spot over which of their fellow contenders they would most like to work with in their division.

With 11 candidates running in Division 2, a group of eight who had announced their intentions to run early all spoke highly of each other, finding it difficult to choose among each other.

Anthony Bull said he would most like to work with Sirle Adamson, due to her strong business sense.

Nicole Jonic chose Paul Tully who she is running with as part of a group and said: “I’m upset about how our council operated in the past as well as a whole, people have been prosecuted who should have been prosecuted and now people have been cleared, and let’s move forward.”

Mr Tully chose his fellow candidate, Nicole.

Sirle Adamson and Sarah Knopke chose each other, so did Steven Purcell and James Pinnell.

Andrea Dunn said she had given it thought but she hadn’t decided who she would mark as number two, because she was still weighing up whose values aligned with her principles.

Luise Manning and Brad Hunt decided not to answer.

Paul Modra initially couldn’t provide an answer, before coming back to the question to say he would like to work with Ms Manning.