The man was sentenced to 10 years in prison.
The man was sentenced to 10 years in prison. milicad

DISTURBING: Incestuous, child abusing rapist blames drugs

AN AWFUL and confronting tale of child sexual abuse was exposed when an Ipswich father was revealed as the sexual assailant on his little sister.

Then a few years later he resumed his deviant ways to become the perpetrator of sexual assaults on his own small daughter.

The Crown prosecutor said his sexual crimes robbed both girls of their innocence. Disturbingly, the Ipswich District Court heard that the 41-year-old man still has a sexual interest in young girls.

Despite what took place his victims say they forgive him.

The man pleaded guilty to two Crown indictments of separate offences against the two girls.

The offences include five counts of rape; three counts of maintaining an unlawful relationship with a child; two counts of attempted rape; assault; and deprivation of personal liberty/unlawfully detain.

This includes unlawfully sexually assaulting his half-sister between January and December 2004; and in one instance unlawfully depriving her of personal liberty.

Sentencing Judge, Alexander Horneman-Wren, SC, described the offences against the girls as being "horrendous, a gross violation of their innocence, and vile”.

Crown prosecutor Clayton Wallis said the man was aged 22 to 26 when he assaulted his much younger sister, and aged 31 to 34 when he offended against his biological daughter.

And has been held in jail since November 2017 - more than 15 months.

Solemn, sitting quietly in the dock the man did not look or acknowledge any of his family seated behind him.

Mr Wallis said the offending against his half-sister was extremely serious and involved the series of rapes and attempted rape.

"He would sexually assault her weekly,” he said.

"She was silent (for many years) out of fear what he might do.

"He robbed both girls of their innocence.”

Mr Wallis said, in a psychological report before the court, the man says he'd been intoxicated, drinking for many years and smoking marijuana when he offended, and would often say he didn't remember because he was drunk.

Mr Wallis followed it was arguably the most serious offence, the man when attempting to rape his sister used excessive violence when he brandished a kitchen knife.

At the time he found out who her father was, and that she was a half-sister.

Then when his biological daughter was aged eight to 10 years he sexually assaulted her by touching her, in what was opportunistic offending. He groomed her to perform sexual acts on him.

"As a result of what happened my childhood was destroyed,” his younger sister (now married) told the court.

"I never felt safe in my own home. I was scared around him. I was always scared to look after his kids as I'd have to sleep over. I was always fearful of him.

"He made me feel it was my fault. And in my mind they (family) would believe him not me.

"I felt helpless, alone as everyone loved him.

"He took away my first sexual experience when I was very young.

"I felt betrayed that it my eldest brother who has done this to me.

"You will never be the brother you should have been.

"I've forgiven you for what you did to me with all my heart.”

The man's daughter, showing great strength, told the court she used to cry a lot in fear at what was happening. she left the family home but still managed to go to high school.

"As the years went by I was getting stronger in my church. The Bible helped me grow spiritually,” she said.

"Dad even though you have done terrible things to me I still love you.

"It is hard for me to forget.

"Dad I forgive you from the bottom of my heart. I love you dad.”

The Crown sought a jail sentence of not less than 10 years, Mr Wallis saying a medical report found his rehabilitation to be far from guaranteed. And his risk of sexual violence was considered to be moderate.

Mr O'Meara continued, saying the man accepts his responsibility for the crimes, having had time to reflect in jail. He outlined the man's own family violence and abandonment when young. And that he too was sexually assaulted by a female relative when young.

Mr O'Meara said the report finds he suffered "very real angst” when offending.

He acknowledged that a report found the man has a level of deviant sexual interest.

After consideration of all material before him, including the death of a young relative causing the man severe depression, Judge Horneman-Wren said the man's sexual interest in children would be addressed through a sexual treatment program.

He sentenced him to 10 years jail. He must serve 80 per cent of the sentence before he can begin to make an application for parole.