DISAPPOINTING: Rubbish found dumped on the Red Rover Rd dirt track on Saturday.
DISAPPOINTING: Rubbish found dumped on the Red Rover Rd dirt track on Saturday.

'Disgusting and lazy': illegal rubbish dumping sparks anger

RESIDENTS are enraged at a recent incidence of illegal garbage dumping.

On Saturday Ashley Morris found rubbish sprawled on the Red Rover Rd dirt track.

She posted a photo on a Facebook community page and it received more than 200 comments and reactions, with many locals expressing anger and disappointment at the act.

"It is frustrating to see it because Red Rover dirt track is really good place to take your family down and have a ride on your bike," Ms Morris said.

"To see that kind of wrecks your mood and also deters people.

"This behaviour is disgusting and lazy, also if they could afford to drive it there then they can afford to pay the dump fees."

Ms Morris said while this was the first time she had seen rubbish on the track, she had previously seen garbage dumped in places including a state forest and at Kirkwood.

Gladstone Regional Council was approached for comment but was unable to provide a response by deadline.

Following an incident last year, a council spokesman told The Observer in May the council received "a number of complaints relating to illegal dumping and littering".

He said offences were investigated based on the amount of evidence and in cases with "sufficient evidence" or an admittance of guilt, the council could "enforce the individual or corporation to clean" the waster.

"If there is no evidence and the waste is on council land then a request is sent to council's parks and environment division to clean up the area. If the waste is on private property the landowner is notified as they are then responsible," the spokesman said.

Fines for illegal dumping range from $252 to $6307.