A final over thriller between Pakistan and Afghanistan at the World Cup has unfortunately been overshadowed by ugly brawls in the stands.

Police and stadium security were called to action when the chaos kicked off in the stands between the two fan bases.

Footage uploaded to social media shows excessive punches being thrown before a fan out of view launches a bin into the crowd.

Screams can be heard ringing out as security rushes in to try and separate the two groups.

At least two fans were ejected from the stadium during the game, but things were just as bad outside the ground.

The fighting outside the ground saw water bottles, a megaphone and a flag used against a Pakistani supporter, while one man was prevented from throwing a metal barricade into the fracas.

"We are aware of some scuffles among a minority of fans and are currently working with the venue security team and the local police force, West Yorkshire Police, to ensure there are no further incidents," an ICC spokesperson said after the first incident, which took place an hour into the match.

"We do not condone this type of behaviour, and will take appropriate action against any anti-social behaviour that spoils the enjoyment for the majority of fans."

"At 11:55am today (10:55 GMT) police received reports of some trouble outside the ground linked to people trying to get in. Officers attended to disperse the group without any issues and remained on patrol in the area," a statement from West Yorkshire police said

Afghanistan skipper Gulbadin Naib issued a plea for his country's supporters following the three-wicket loss.

"We're here to leave a good impression of my team and also my country. So if you look at my country, there's not good going on in the last 40, 45 years. But we're here to show to the world we want friendship," Naib said.

"To all the audiences watching these kinds of matches, this is only a cricket game. Just watch the cricket game. It's a sport."

A pitch envader burst onto the ground immediately following the final ball and Naid was almost taken out by a security guard in the chaos.

"I love this kind of audience to cause the cheering, both sides," he said. "I think they love the players … so they're really excited to meet them and to hug them.

"But it's not good to come in the ground, to tease the players or tease the ground staff and other staff … Everyone loves their players, they love their heroes.

"So they don't want to harm anyone. They just want to hug and touch. For me, it's nothing (but) it's not good for them coming on the ground. You can say discipline-wise, it's not feeling good at the end."

- with AAP