Grant Denyer will host Channel 10's Australia Day concert from the Sydney Opera House.
Grant Denyer will host Channel 10's Australia Day concert from the Sydney Opera House. Channel 10

Dinky-di Denyer: Family Feud favourite hosts Oz Day party

FAMLY favourite Grant Denyer will keep the Australia Day party rolling next week with Ten's star-studded concert broadcast from the Sydney Opera House.

The Family Feud host will be joined my musical guests including Dami Im, Guy Sebastian, Tina Arena, Human Nature and The Wiggles, as well as roving reporters Kerrie-Anne Kennerley and Gretel Killeen.

Taking a break from his preparations for the big day, Denyer tells ARM's The Guide about his Australia Day traditions and his plans for the year ahead.

Q: What are your Australia Day rituals?

A: Backyard cricket, where you use your wheelie bin as the stumps and if you haven't yelled six and out before in your life then you are not trying hard enough. You need to be barefoot and it's in the heart of Australian summer, so all the grass has turned brown and it's full of bindis. They are the rules.

Q: Do you have a favourite Australia Day moment from over the years?

A: Being out on the waterways is an epic way to spend Australia Day. So many people do it and it becomes this massive parade of boats. No matter where you are or what state you live in, I find it's great to spend Australia Day under the Australian sun, floating around some of our great waterways.

Q: You're on stage with a bunch of Aussie musicians, any chance we'll hear you belting out a tune?

A: You won't hear me do it, but you'll see me do it by the side of the stage. I'm a massive closet singer and considering these musicians will be belting out some of our biggest known hits, I'll be in full voice, I just won't let you hear it.

Q: What songs would be on your Australian Day play list?

A: Down Under by Men At Work on repeat for 10 hours straight, and Triple J's Hottest 100. That's been a massive tradition for me for more than 20 years at our barbecues and parties since I was a kid.

Q: What can we expect from Kerrie-Anne Kennerley, who is helping you on the night?

A: Nothing but pure class from that wonderful human being. Kerrie-Anne Kennerley knows how to get a party going, she knows all the celebs, she's like the ultimate Queen B to have at an official Australiana shindig. Kerrie's a national treasure so to have her work on this with us is such an honour. Also, she knows her way around the social scene and we have a lot of famous people coming to this concert, so she's the perfect ring-master for that occasion.

Q: With The Wiggles on the bill this is shaping up to be a family event?

A: Yes, my family just got really excited about the fact that I'm working on Australia Day. Scout and Sailor will be there and now that they know The Wiggles will be there, all of a sudden their interest has spiked. The Denyer's will be together on Australia Day and it's magnificent to combine your working and home life like that, I'm really looking forward to it.

Q: Australia Day is a time of celebration and reflection, what were your highlights of 2016 and what are your hopes for the year ahead?

A: For me, it was a great year. Family Feud won a Logie and I was nominated for a Gold Logie. That's been a life dream for me so it was great to have that experience. I won a championship in racing this year at the Australian GP Championship and our second child turned one-year-old, so it's been a big year in the Denyer household. I really love making family entertainment - television shows where the whole family sits down and enjoys watching it together. I'm really lucky to have the job I've got and I love doing it. If we can continue to be that little place where Aussie families can yell at the television, share their answers and have a laugh together at the end of a hard day, then I'm proud of that.

Q: Are you a New Years' resolutions maker?

A: I don't make them as New Year's resolutions because I've let myself down too many times. I tend to think why should self-improvement only be restricted to the New Year? I'm constantly making tweaks and changes, and finding new ways to improve, that should be an ongoing process no matter what time of the year.

Channel 10's Australia Day Concert airs next Thursday, January 26 at 7.30pm.