Diesel-powered cars provide surprising turn of speed

THE Diesel Assault Test 'n' Tune last weekend was a great initiative from Willowbank Raceway.

You usually don't associate diesel cars with drag racing so it was great to see them on the track and see some variety. I was surprised by how quick some of the diesel cars were. They would give the petrol cars a run for their money.

With Christmas not too far away it is time for some relaxing amongst my motorsport activities, but there is still plenty for me to take in this weekend.

Tomorrow will be all about the Ipswich Open Sprints at Queensland Raceway. This is the last sprints event of the year so it will be good to get out and have a look before the cars are put away for a few weeks over the holiday break.

What amazed me at the last Ipswich sprint was when Harry Bate in a Toyota Starlet and Ben Cavanagh in a Suzuki Swift were able to knock off all the Porsches by a good second in the overall times.

I suspect that these are not your ordinary hatchback shopping vehicles, and I will be straight over to have a look under the bonnet and have a chat about how they have made these unsuspecting cars so fast this weekend.

Tomorrow, I will also be back to Willowbank for the Test 'n' Tune.

I love getting out to the Test 'n' Tune days. They are nice and relaxed and the drivers are really approachable.

The range of machinery seems to be diverse with just about everything you can imagine at the day.

Even better, tomorrow's Test 'n' Tune is running a special half-price spectator entry offer - just head over to their Facebook page for the flyer you need to take advantage of this discounted offer.

If you can't make it tomorrow, there are still plenty of Test 'n' Tunes coming up before the new year, so keep an eye on the calendar for your fix.

Speaking of calendars, the drag strip has released its full 2016 calendar this week too - there are more than 100 events and it is absolutely bursting from start to finish. See the story below.

Come Sunday, it will be time for Queensland Raceway's annual Thank You day for its race competitors.

It's a chance for the race competitors to come and socialise without the pressure of the race event. They can take their sponsors, pit crew and family for some laps of the circuit to also say thanks to them for their support during the year.

On Tuesday, Queensland Raceway will be hosting an All Day Xmas Drift event. This is usually a great day for drifters and apparently entries were booked out weeks ago, so there will be plenty there having some great fun in the Christmas spirit.

Even though we are heading fast into Christmas, there is still fun to be had at the motorsport precinct for the kids to keep their dad sorted with his motorsport fix.

Which reminds me, the junior speedsters did give me father's day V8 hot laps at Queensland Raceway, and I had an absolute blast with it.

This sort of thing would also make a great Christmas present so I must pick up some flyers from the Queensland Raceway office this weekend to leave strategically around the house as a hint.

Key events

  • Tomorrow: Test 'n' Tune, Willowbank Raceway - half-price spectator entry; Ipswich Open Sprints, Queensland Raceway.
  • Sunday: QR Thank You Day, Queensland Raceway.
  • Tuesday All Day Xmas Drift, Queensland Raceway.
  • Wednesday: Test 'n' Tune, Willowbank Raceway.
  • December 19: Test 'n' Tune, Willowbank Raceway; Race Experience, Queensland Raceway.
  • December 20: QR Moto Ride Day, Queensland Raceway.