Dickson hits back after claim he 'stole' LNP documents

BUDERIM MP Steve Dickson has hit back at LNP claims he "stole" internal documents before jumping ship on Friday, saying he has "stolen nothing".

As fallout over Mr Dickson's defection to One Nation intensifies, Mr Dickson released a video on the One Nation Facebook page rejecting the claims reported in other media on Sunday.

"It's come to my attention this morning that the LNP have come out and made a public statement that myself, my staff, and the One Nation party have stolen documents," Mr Dickson says in the video.

"Let me make that point extremely clear. We've stolen nothing. My staff have stolen nothing, One Nation has stolen nothing, and I've stolen nothing.

"This is just a distortion of the truth by one of the major political parties in this country. This is what the ALP and the LNP are all about - misleading the people of Queensland and, to be brutally honest, the shackles are off me now. I've had a gutful of what they've been treating the people of Queensland like and the people of Australia."


Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls has today been reported saying someone at Mr Dickson's office had downloaded documents on meeting procedures and on how the LNP was run before announcing he was leaving the party and joining One Nation on Friday.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson and MP Steve Dickson announce a game changing move in the next Queensland State election.
One Nation leader Pauline Hanson and MP Steve Dickson announce a game changing move in the next Queensland State election. Patrick Woods

"They're just internal documents of that type that are the property of the LNP, they're the property of the members of the LNP," Mr Nicholls was quoted saying by the ABC.

"They're available to people who are members of the LNP - they're not available to people who are going to jump ship."

Mr Nicholls also continued the LNP attack on Mr Dickson, saying the defection spoke volumes about the Buderim MP's character.

"This has been a carefully orchestrated plan by Mr Dickson and his office, and that's the disappointing part about it - it's sort of deliberate subterfuge - which I think really speaks volumes of the character of the person we're talking about," he was quoted saying.

The response from the electorate hasn't all been swinging the LNP's way either.

A post by Fisher MP Andrew Wallace linking to a Sunshine Coast Daily story on the local LNP reaction to Mr Dickson's defection drew a series of comments backing the Buderim MP.

"LNP ministers fraud the taxpayer and they get the full support of their colleagues, jump ship to a different party and the knives are out for their blood," commented Jason Eade.

"As a resident of Mooloolaba for 38 years, I support Steve Dickson, he listens to us voters and shares our values," commenteed Barbara Barrett.

"He (Mr Dickson) understands the message and we believe that the people of Buderim electorate will vote for him because of who he is. If he believes he can continue his work for the people of Buderim & Qld more effectively through One Nation membership, we say good on him," commented Linda Graham.


Mr Dickson slammed the LNP MPs attacks on him since the Friday announcement.

"When the LNP representatives are down there swimming in the mud and casting aspersions upon people like myself, my staff, my family, all the people who represent One Nation and their casting aspersions upon all of the people of Queensland and Australia," he said.

"I think we've got to rise up and say we've had enough of this. Let's vote for change, let's make a big difference in Queensland because I'm going to represent each and every one of you and do the best that I humanly can and my staff, they're here every day. Nothing's going to change in my office. We're going to work for Buderim even harder now. This has just reinvigorated me and given me the passion and the wish and desire to make sure we do better in this state.

"When you want to fight me you go out and do that. You swim in the mud I'm going to fly in the sky and I'm going to look after all Queenslanders because that's what they deserve - nothing less than the best possible representation they can get. That's my job and I will not let you down."

He also gave Mr Nicholls a serve for failing to move swiftly enough on medical marijuana.

"And when it comes to medical cannabis, the leader of the Opposition really wants to have a look at the legislation that was passed. There are people out there that are gonna die and maybe he needs to step up and start to care about the people of Queensland.

"Those sick and dying children mean a lot to me and obviously there are many MPs in this country, obviously that are sleeping well at night. I'm not and until we've got their medication ready to be given to them I am never gonna give up."