Protein that relieves pancreas stress could be Diabetes answer
Protein that relieves pancreas stress could be Diabetes answer Zsolt Biczv

Type 2 Diabetes patients could soon say goodbye to insulin

QUEENSLAND researchers may have found a new way to help sufferers of type 2 diabetes manage the disease without insulin injections.

The team at University of Queensland's Mater Research Institute have discovered a protein, created by immune cells, helps relieve stress in the pancreas that produces insulin.

The discovery could help diabetics manage their condition better, as the inability to produce enough insulin is the core problem in Type 2 diabetes.

Professor Mike McGurkin said the team believed the protein, IL-22, could restore blood sugar levels by restoring insulin production.

"This finding is significant because it means diabetics could potentially replace insulin injections with less frequent injections of IL-22," he said.

While Prof McGurkin said more work was needed before clinical trials could begin, the early findings could "open up a new pathway for treating diabetes".

The research was completed with support from the pharmaceutical industry and published in the Nature Medicine journal.