Deviant who forced boy into prostitution will be released

A SADOMASOCHISTIC sex predator who forced a child into prostitution has been deemed a serious danger to the community ahead of his release this week.

Reginald Thomas Fordham, 57, will have to abide by 39 release conditions for the next decade.

His Hervey Bay house was torched in 2009 after his teenage victim's anger boiled over.

But Fordham's sex offences stretched further back - his indecency offending having started in 1975.

He was an alcoholic when he met and corrupted a 14-year-old boy on the Fraser Coast.

He paid the boy $50 to $250 for depraved sex acts in what Judge Leanne Clare called a "protracted perverted relationship".

The boy developed drinking problems and by the age of 18 had signs of cirrhosis, the alcohol-related liver disease.

In 2010, Fordham was sentenced to six and a half years jail for his treatment of the boy, as well as for exposing himself to a woman and masturbating in public.

In June last year, psychiatrist Dr Scott Harden in Maryborough found Fordham to be of "somewhat below average intelligence" and with a high risk of sexual recidivism.

Dr Harden said Fordham's long-term prognosis was moderately poor because of "alcohol misuse and the association of this with his offending".

Fordham's lack of prosocial engagement and relative lack of social supports in the community were also problematic, the psychiatrist said.

In Queensland, jailed sex offenders due to be released can be placed on supervision orders, released on parole with supervision or given continued detention.

On Thursday, a Brisbane Supreme Court judge made a supervision order and decided Fordham would be released on 39 conditions, including a ban on alcohol and illegal drug use.

Justice Martin Daubney also banned Fordham from any contact with children under 16, except with permission from Corrective Services.

Fordham was also forbidden from having any direct or indirect contact with victims of his sexual offences.

The order will expire in July 2027.