The Somerset Regional Council will meet again this week.
The Somerset Regional Council will meet again this week.

Developments, closures: 5 decisions on council’s agenda

THE Somerset Regional Council will meet again next week, with dozens of reports, applications, and policies to consider.

Meetings are currently closed to public attendance due to the current pandemic, but audio will be streamed online.

Read on to find out what topics councillors will be discussing.

Development applications

Among the most common items discussed by council, development applications are required to start, change or extend a project, alter the use of a property, and much more.

Three development applications are currently tabled for councillors to deal with next week – one on Rocky Gully Rd and Banffs Lane at Coominya, another at Carralluma Crescent in Fernvale, and the last at a property on Glamorgan Vale Rd, Glamorgan Vale.

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Coronavirus assistance

For several weeks, council has been altering policies and granting concessions to help the community recover during the COVID-19 crisis, and several more such decisions are set to be made this week.

These will include possible changes to one of council’s revenue policies, and a concession to business inspection charges.

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Meeting dates

Council will decide the schedule for its public meetings for the remainder of this year, including the date of its budget meeting.

In addition, councillors will decide how long it will be before meetings will be reopened to public attendance.

Cultural mapping

With the arts being of increasing importance to the Somerset community, council will consider an online questionnaire to better learn what residents want to see, and how council can build on existing arts programs in the region.

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Council also oversees operation of some roads in the region, and regularly makes decisions regarding management, upkeep, and changes to these streets.

Among the topics being considered will be the ‘simultaneous’ closure and opening of Esk Forest Rd to resolve an alignment issue, and the acceptance or rejection of selected names for a new development being constructed off Clarendon Rd at Rifle Range.